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Dej Nag 4 Karaoke Music Video - Nyob Ntawm Koj Siab

Dej Nag 4 - Nyob Ntawm Koj Siab
Karaoke Music Video DVD

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Dej Nag Music Video 4 - Available Fresno Hmong New Year 2012-2013


Starring: Xyooj Chrissy "Miss Hmong Hmong California 2010", MX Vue "Miss Hmong United 2010", Ryo Aden Vu - Rising Hmong Actor, Tee Teej Tug Vang - Artist "Wb Mam Sib Hlub", and Green Card - Hmong Comedian

Featuring: Special Preview of Tee Vang's Music Video

Artist: Dej Nag
Composer: Gayee Vue
Director: Boualong Vue
Director of Photography: Pheng Vue
Film Editors: Boua Long Vue and Pheng Vue
Screenplay: Boua Long Vue
Cinematographers: Boua Long Vue and Pheng Vue
Camera Crew: Peter Vang, Fue Vue, Tou Vue, Tha Vue, Jengsue Vang, Morshia Vang, Mai Xor Vang, Panhia Vang, Jessica, and more...
Cover Photography: Kong Vue Photography and Vue Studio
Make-Up Artist: Mai Xai Vue, Chrissy Xiong, and See Xiong Vue

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Ly Dang Music Video 4 DVD

Ly Dang & Paj Muas
Karaoke Music Video 4 DVD


AVP New Release

By popular demand, Ly Dang and Paj Muas Karaoke Music Video will be available July 14, 2012 and will be available at SEA Games - Sacramento, CA. This music video will be featuring Hmong music artists Ly Dang and Paj Muas. Ly Dang is the lead singer from Xanakee Studio in France with several sold out albums and concerts. Paj Muas is one of the most famous Hmong singers from Thailand. This music video pulls together the talents from these two famous artists producing romantic Hmong love songs. In the DVD, you will also find instrumental tracks and karaoke text to sing along. Some bonus footage includes videos in Laos and previews of upcoming releases from Apple Video.

Suab Qeej Hmoob DVD 4

Suab Qeej Hmoob 4 DVD


AVP New Release

This is the Qeej audio CD and DVD that most Hmong are talking about and calling everyday asking for. Suab Qeej Hmoob 4 DVD will be available this July 14, 2012 and at SEA Games - Sacramento, CA.

This will be a great gift for your parents and grandparents!

In this DVD and CD combo Boua Long Vue plays the traditional Hmong Qeej instrument in several locations across the United States including footage from Arizona, Utah, and the rocky mountains in Colorado. Featured in one of the tracks is "Qeej Ya" as requested from several Hmong elders.

Included Tracks:
1) Qeej Ntsuag Txij Nkawm
2) Qeej Ntsuag Twm Zeej
3) Qeej Hu Neeb
4) Qeej Pauj Hauvqhua

All Written and Composed by: Boua Long Vue
Album: Suab Qeej Hmoob 4

Dej Nag 4 CD

Dej Nag 4
Coming Soon on DVD and CD

Written and composed by Gayee Vue.
Also known as "Thawj Thiab".

Original Hmong songs with romantic lyrics.

Written during 1976-1990.