History About AVP


Apple Video Production’s mission is to provide high quality family entertainment that promotes the talents of Hmong people, while preserving the Hmong culture, traditions, and history through music and films.

Business Profile and Philosophy of Management

Boua Long Vue is the founder and President of Apple Video Production, which he established in April 1998. He has more than fifteen years of experience producing and directing numerous successful Hmong music videos, dance videos, and movie projects for family entertainment. He is acknowledged by many as one of the best Hmong producers.

Under his direction, Apple Video has produced some of the most famous Hmong artists such as Mai Xiong, Chue Vang, Pa Moua “Paj Muas”, Xanakee, Ly Dang, Nplej Xyooj, Hmong Idol Thailand, Dej Nag, Rhia Vue, Ua Vue, Laib Laus Band, and many other individual Hmong singers. As a direct result, Apple Video has produced some of the biggest sold out Hmong concerts in the United States, Thailand, and Laos.

Apple Video Production also provides high quality family entertainment and professional services, catering to both the Hmong and non-Hmong customers. Children and young adolescents watching the music video and movies learn the Hmong language and values. AVP video and music video projects feature some of the hottest and brightest Hmong entertainers in the United States, who serve as positive role models for the younger Hmong generation.

In addition to internal projects, Apple Video Production has extended timely services to the “Hmong Today” show on KNXT-TV 49 for two years. The weekly Hmong TV show has relied on Apple Video Production for filming and editing special projects, and producing public service announcements. Apple Video Production has also been featured in several Hmong publications, broadcasting companies, and organizations.Apple Video Production believes that it will serve as a foundation for promoting a positive image for the Hmong and becoming a prime source for professional multimedia services.